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Year: 2018

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Jul 23 Space Cadets
Jul 24 Summertime Eco Print
Jul 26 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Jul 28 Dye Lab: Painting Protein Fiber with Acid Dye
Jul 29 Natural Dye and Medicinal Plant Group
Jul 29 Indigo Interest Group
Jul 30 Space Cadets
Jul 31 Summertime Eco Print
Aug 01 Family Fiber Workshop (6 years old and younger)
Aug 01 Family Fiber Workshop (6 years old and older)
Aug 02 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Aug 03 First Friday Open Studio
Aug 04 Beginning Weaving Intensive/Refresher
Aug 05 Beginning Weaving Intensive/Refresher
Aug 08 Working Wednesday & Resource Exchange
Aug 09 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Aug 11 Introduction to Eco Print
Aug 13 Leadership Team Meeting
Aug 16 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Aug 16 Finishing Handwovens-Hem-Stitching Variations
Aug 17 Sewing for Handwovens
Aug 17 Sewing for Handwovens: Buttons and Buttonholes
Aug 18 Medium Print: Eco Print with color
Aug 20 Sip & Sew Slow Fashion Group
Aug 23 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Aug 26 Natural Dye and Medicinal Plant Group
Aug 30 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Sep 06 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Sep 07 First Friday Open Studio
Sep 08 Warp it! Paint it! Weave it!
Sep 10 Leadership Team Meeting
Sep 13 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Sep 20 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Sep 21 Sewing for Handwovens
Sep 21 Sewing for Handwovens: Sleeves and Interfacings
Oct 05 First Friday Open Studio
Oct 07 Spinners, Shepherds, & Wannabees
Oct 08 Leadership Team Meeting
Oct 11 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Nov 01 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Nov 02 First Friday Open Studio
Nov 08 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Nov 10 Houndstooth to Pinwheel-Color and Weave Effects
Nov 12 Leadership Team Meeting
Nov 15 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Nov 16 Sewing for Handwovens
Nov 16 Sewing for Handwovens: Understitching and Clipping
Nov 29 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Dec 06 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Dec 07 First Friday Open Studio
Dec 10 Leadership Team Meeting
Dec 13 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Dec 20 Shaft-Loom Weaving
Dec 27 Shaft-Loom Weaving

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