Local Cloth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to growing the fiber supply chain in Western North Carolina and enhancing the lives of those who make their living in fiber industries.

Our Approach

  • To raise awareness and appreciation for local plant and animal fiber and fiber art products
  • To increase access to, and availability of, local textiles and fiber
  • To strengthen the economic viability of our local creative community and help reinvest in the textile industry
  • To advocate for new markets, programs and services to add value to local products and create jobs.

Local Cloth Fiber Cluster Facts

  • 405 fiber art professionals
  • 2500 fiber art hobbyists
  • 80 galleries with fiber art
  • 83 textile related retail shops
  • 51 yarn shops
  • 462 fiber animal farms
  • 5000+ fiber animals
  • 21 cotton farms
  • 7 schools & colleges teaching fiber arts
  • 12 textile mills, both large and small
Creative and committed farmers, artists, and fiber processors together helped to develop a model of the Fiber Supply Chain.

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