You must be  a member who has gone through the safety training to use the studio space. If you have not already taken our safety training, please request a  training session; you will need a certification code in order to register for a day.

Contact the studio coordinator for training or other studio related topics.

Chore list by day.

Laundry; wash, dry, fold, put away
Take out trash & recycling
Water plants
Clean bathrooms 
Restock and inventory studio supplies
Clean windows
Wipe down induction burners and tables
Wipe down tables and sink in mess room
Clean floors in mess room, spot mop if needed
Space cleaned and organized for weekend workshops
Vacuum studio
Spot mop studio floors
If there are towels in the hamper, wash, dry, fold, and put them away

Mailing Address

Local Cloth, Inc.
PO Box 9622
Asheville, NC 28815

Call Us: 1 + 828-222-0356

Community Dye Studio

207 Coxe Ave, #11
Asheville, NC 28801

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