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At monthly meetings, we engage, study and discuss a wide range of textile subjects and invite everyone interested to participate.

The Textile Study Group meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at the Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design

Special Interest Groups meet at the Community Dye Studio

We offer year-round workshops for adults and a summer camp for children.


We present a biennial regional exhibit in odd numbered years and support local galleries' and guilds' efforts to showcase more work by local fiber artists.


In even numbered years, we offer Project Handmade, a fashion show featuring locally produced contemporary garments make with traditional handcrafted detail using local materials. The purpose of this event is to promote innovative use of materials and resources available in our region and to spotlight the economic potential of supply chain collaboration.


We aim to connect communities to their fiber farmers and artists by creating events, publications and a web presence.

Annual Fiber Feel Day, early June
Join us for a day of hands-on fiber shopping, learning and fun. Talk to local farmers, enhance your fiber skills, and take home the beauty of our region's artisans. Admission is free.

In development...
Branding and Labeling Campaign

In development...
Farm and Studio Fiber Tours


We have established a Community Dye Studio and advocate for a regional Fiber Cluster Study to help build the infrastructure to move fiber along the value chain.

We sponsor the Growing Color Symposium to educate farmers in the agricultural and economic aspects of growing dye plants.

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Community Dye Studio

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